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Al Faisaliyah tower Center RIYADH


Al Faisaliyah Tower Center RIYADH

  The four corner beams of the Al Faisaliah Complex join at the top above a golden ball.                           Immediately below the ball is an outside viewing deck; at ground level, there is a shopping center         with major world brands. The design is said[who?] to be based on that of a ballpoint pen. Inside the        golden ball is a luxurious restaurant. There is a clear view of Saudi Arabia's other skyscraper, the        Kingdom Centre, from the Al Faisaliah Center and the two buildings create a silhouetted skyline in           the evening. The tower was designed by UK-based architects Foster and Partners and                   engineers Buro Happold. It is part of an Al Faisaliah Complex, which consists of a hotel, the tower, and  two other buildings. The tower features several restaurants like 11a and the Globe and also has a   cigar lounge at the top floor.

Mamluka Tower (or Kingdom Tower, or Kingdom Centre), is Riyadh’s tallest building

 Mamluka Tower (or Kingdom Tower, or Kingdom Centre), is Riyadh’s tallest buildingThe Kingdom Tower won the prize for the world’s best skyscraper of the year 2003, awarded by the World Skyscrapers Commission, out of 350 buildings worldwide that were competing for the title.

This tower rises over 300m and has a gross built-up area of 185,000 sqm. plus 115,000 sqm. of parking space for up to 3,000 cars.Kingdom Tower askew

Mamluka Tower (or Kingdom Tower, or Kingdom Centre), is Riyadh’s tallest building and, together with the Faisaliya Tower, is part of the duo that characterizes the Saudi capital. It was completed in 2002 and belongs to Prince Waleed bin Talal, the owner of the Four Seasons group of hotels (of which there is one in the tower) and a partial owner of Fox News, as well as the Rotana Group of companies. The Kingdom Tower is notable for the fact that it looks like a bottle-opener, although this comparison is often discouraged by those who see it as a sign of the city’s modernity. The Four Seasons, which is in the tower complex, contains a health club, various restaurants and, of course, all the accoutrements of a five-star hotel (minus the alcohol). The three ground floors of the tower itself are a shopping complex with more upscale stores than the Faisaliya Tower, including a Saks Fifth Avenue. The third floor is women-only, a novelty for Saudi Arabia, albeit one that is hardly a blow for women’s rights. The rest of the tower is office space, except for the bridge or skywalk at the top of the tower, which is an observation platform that provides viewers a panorama of the city. The best time to come up here is at night, when the dust is not quite as evident. The elevator up to the 99th floor is the real draw, although you are required to suppress your laughter when told that it is the fastest elevator in the world.

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